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On Air Radio Review: Left Turn on Spanish Highway has been getting a lot of great reviews from people of all ages and musical tastes - one of the songs was favorably reviewed by the San Jose Mercury news music critic, Brad Kava (THE music critic for the bay area), Pete Wilson, and Diana DeGarmo (American Idol 2nd place winner), on KGO's Pete Wilson show.

The title should offer the clue: this is probably the best album that Al DiMeola never recorded. Indeed, DiMeola's Elegant Gypsy period is a very good starting point in describing the stylistic endeavors of Mauritius born guitarist Bouvet, a blend of exquisite acoustic and electric work written and played with impeccable skill and precision, informed by flamenco and gypsy elements and peppered with Latin, Caribbean, and rock rhythms. The support crew, featuring bass, drums, and an occasional rhythm guitarist (all track depending) are nothing short of outstanding also; Bouvet plays piano as well on the fiery "Salima", which seems to be a turning point of sorts in the program. As the disc progresses from that point, Bouvet begins to reach out into more varied stylistic territory, although not straying too far from its origins. Entre Nous begins in a predominantly predominantly acoustic mode, save the electric lead work, gradually moving into full-on electric territory, and is one of the disc's highlights. His closest encounter with a pure rock style is on The Longing, which also features some subtle keyboard backing. Bouvet's spirited arrangements throughout the disc offer enough variety to keep things interesting, yet always support his playing first and foremost. In all, an outstanding release that should be of interest to all. Peter Thelen []
Peter Thelen "Exploring The Boundaries of Rock" Exposé Magazine;
Issue 32, page 40

François Didier's playing on Left Turn on Spanish Highway is superb! His phrasing is reminiscent of Jeff Beck, with the articulation reminiscent of Al Di Meola. His playing is fluid, yet edgy.
Chris Miller, guitarist, composer, band leader. B.M. San Francisco Conservatory of Music

With Bouvet's music one rides along a muscular sonic-highway through expansive landscapes and cool canyons, occasionally pausing in intimate roadside haciendas where flesh and soul are encompassed by whispers and pulsing beats.
Dr. Elyzabeth Meade, composer-performer, Wiredchild Productions, NY

I've been listening to Left Turn on Spanish Highway all week and I've really been enjoying the disk. I love the slide guitar that comes in on Entre Nous. It's so unexpected it really works. The piano solo on Salima really stands out. I love the bass and quiet opening riffs in The Longing. And Sir Oliver is one of those jams that is still ringing in my head when I lay down to sleep every night. Great guitar playing. I definitely hear lots of influences mixed in with Didier's own style throughout. I also think Left Turn on Spanish Highway is a cool name for the disk given that the music has a Spanish theme but on every tune turns in different, eclectic directions, driving off of a burning guitar highway. He really tears it up.
Bob Bobbola, CDBaby customer reviewer

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